The difference in sound levels measured between two rooms, before and after a barrier or silencer is installed, is referred to as Sound Insertion Loss. In other words such a measurement provides a direct indication of the improvement provided by insertion of an attenuating element of building construction between the noise source and the listener. Sound Transmission Class (or STC) is the rating used to define how efficiently the barrier or silencer will attenuate airborne sound. This rating measurement is used to rate walls, ceilings / floors, doors and window configurations. In ISO 140, it is also referred to as Sound Reduction Index.

LAF supplies acoustic separating floor systems for use over concrete (pre-fabricated or cast in situ) elements where 75 mm of Vermitex® 7FS screed, with a 15 mm topping and 5 mm layer with junctions provided, as a standalone layer, Impact Isolation Class (IIC) on a 150 mm thick test slab, (as defined in ASTM E989-89) a weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level, of ΔLw 17 and ΔLin 6 as defined in AS ISO 717.2-2004.

The LAF system can be used for new construction projects or for the upgrade of existing buildings (i.e. separating floors in domestic properties) and other buildings where resistance to the passage of sound is required.


  • Complies with BCA
  • Low screed thickness
  • High thermal insulation
  • Applied by Licensed Applicators
  • Lightweight and resilient (no spalling)

Enercote® is a lightweight acoustic coating designed to be sprayed onto our Trimesh® mechanical reinforcement, to construct vertical or horizontal membranes to stop sound transmission from one room to another. LAF’s sound absorptive solutions are particularly useful where space, weight and costs reduction are critical.

Over the years, LAF has specialised in researching and developing bespoke systems which make use of our Trimesh® combined with our proprietary spray systems to double up as fire and acoustic enclosures built around fans. Our systems can attenuate sound by as much as 64 dB!

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