Shelter has been a critical factor in human survival and evolution. We use the term “cave-man” to describe our early hominid ancestors. In order to leave the cave, man had to find alternate forms of shelter. One could argue that this establishes building technology as one of the oldest science/engineering disciplines. Moving forward 30,000 years (give or take), building technology and the provision of “shelter” still forms a critical part of a society’s needs. 

For the LAF group the protection of shelters is synonymous with BUILDING FIRE PROTECTION and is about alleviating the effects that a fire can have on building elements, its occupants as well as fire emergency services personnel. Since 1960, LAF has been at the forefront of research and development of systems to assist building designers with innovative fire compartmentalisation systems for use in the modern built environment. 

The owners and operators of shelters or buildings, no matter where they are located, are solely responsible for their maintenance in accordance with the relevant building laws, standards as well as fire /building codes. These rules are enforced by local or national authorities. Unless there are particular dispensations, building structures must be erected in accordance with the most current version of the building code that is in effect when the building approval application is lodged. Private certifiers are engaged to check that particular elements and components of the building comply with the relevant construction rules.

The Building Code of Australia provides us with a specific classification system for a building or part of a building and is determined by the purpose for which it is designed, constructed or adapted to be used.

The LAF Group is Australia’s foremost specialist manufacturer and installer PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS to elements of building construction. With over 50 years experience, we have a solid track record of providing sound technical advice on thermal, acoustical and fire protection solutions to infrastructure  as well as building and civil construction projects that are proven and world class. The measure of our success is our consistency in securing contracts for the thermal, acoustic and fire protection scope of works for landmark projects worldwide. Since 1960, the company has successfully completed in excess of 5,000 projects.

As our past projects demonstrate, LAF are global leaders in the engineering of in-situ and pre-fabricated fire resisting walls. We specialize in designing and constructing project specific solutions based on our extensive library of tested and suitably certified IP protected designs from past successful projects. We are also the manufacturers of all the fire rating materials used in our designs.