The last 50 years has seen significant changes in the way we build and our built environment, both locally and internationally. The height of buildings has increased markedly along with global and urban populations. New technologies, building materials and standards together with natural and man-made disasters present even greater challenges to the safety of our built environment. The importance of creating energy efficient buildings with sustainable materials has risen to the forefront of the conservation and renewables agendas.

Since 1960, LAF Group has been working as the trusted partner to construction and engineering companies, specifiers and regulatory authorities, to meet the ongoing challenges of fire protection, thermal and noise abatement for structural and mechanical building elements. With LAF Group’s expertise, support, and input, our clients have and will continue to build with confidence.




Going beyond products, LAF Group work in close consultation with stakeholders to clearly understand project requirements so that we can deliver  the most effective solution  taking account of all critical factors – durability, safety, space, speed, sustainability and cost. Once we have developed and agreed on the best solution, we will, organise and manage delivery and installation on site.  LAF Group has access to a global network of quality contracting resources to meet tight deadlines and budgets. In most cases we can back our work with a guarantee for both materials and workmanship.




We have over 50 years experience delivering projects in countries and regions across Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore The LAF Group has worked on many types of structures: transport, retail, heritage, industrial, petrochemical, cultural, to name but a few.

Our range of experience provides clients with a body of knowledge in compliance and construction issues and solutions – ensuring a smooth approval process (avoids project delays and saves time), anticipating future risks and problems (saves money) and which meets the highest safety compliance standards (saving lives, the ultimate goal).




By delivering unique solutions that are designed specifically for each project, LAF Group is continuously testing their product range in new ways. We are always innovating, inventing and reinventing as we gather new knowledge and expertise.  Since 1960 LAF Group has partnered with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), accessing the state-of-the-art  resources from this internationally accredited scientific research institute in the fields of fire and sound proofing. It’s a complementary, dynamic partnership, with LAF Group’s real-world know-how and approach to problem solving, coupled with CSIRO’s scientific research knowledge and test facilities.

Of late LAF group has expanded its collaborative research program to include Underwriters Laboratories and FM global. UL and FM reflect well on LAF's ability to comply with any international standards and provide clients with the choice to comply with local legislative compliance.

The LAF Group’s passion-for product excellence and problem-solving has positioned us as an industry leader. To that extent we have earned a reputation as the go to business for complex fire and noise abatement situations, providing solutions that are tailored to project specifics, and which will comply with the regulatory standard requirements in your country.