Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the critical element in determining the performance of the product in the role for which it was designed.

LAF products must meet rigorous quality and performance benchmarks during manufacture, and continue to do so throughout its application and any inspection procedure carried out on-site.

In our manufacturing plant in Australia, all raw materials, and finished products are regularly tested to comply with international standard requirements and manufactured under a quality system certified by an independent accredited certifying body in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standard requirements. Our internal processes are subjected to the same rigorous investigative and monitoring demands to ensure consistency, reliability and quality.

Our materials have a proven track record and our expertise in dealing with diverse in- service demands gives our customers the confidence that our involvement in their projects will enhance the final result.



With over 50 years of continuous worldwide operation, we have a vast repository of skills, expertise and proven solutions through our involvement with diverse public and private sector construction projects. These talents are made available to you when you engage with the LAF Group on your project specifics.



LAF products have comprehensive test profiles that exceed many regulatory compliance standard requirements. This is a significant advantage for many projects as we have the site, material or country specific compliance needs covered.

LAF Group also has access to a worldwide network of reputable distributors and tried and proven installation contractors. They ensure the availability, timely delivery and quality installation of our fire protection, thermal and noise abatement systems. All contractors comply with our quality management procedures which meet AS/NZS/ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards. 


Customised solutions

LAF can conduct a site audit to identify reductions in coating required to achieve compliance in different site sections. This process can significantly reduce cost, improve clearance from other services, and increase the speed of application for LAF Group products.



LAF offers its customers fast and accurate professional support to resolve any technical and on-site issues that might eventuate. When existing test conditions fail to meet requirements, we can organise customised tests to meet unique compliance needs for insurance companies, local regulatory authorities or new types of building materials. This capability can be critical for meeting compliance without risking project budgets and milestones. 

If you have a particular application in mind which has never been tested, please let us know and we will investigate if we have something that we can adopt to cover the particular application as if it requires ad-hoc testing.



LAF guarantees the highest-quality products and provides up to 50 years conditional warranty on all its products and installed systems. All LAF products are guaranteed to be non-toxic and environmentally safe.