We have dealt with your organisation since 2004, during which time you have provided the project team with timely and highly effective support in the areas of fire research with materials and systems engineering, optimisation of the ceiling and wall fireproof membranes, facilitation of the on-site application and regular quality inspections. Your hand-on approach and professional input in the research and selection of cost-effective and workable solutions have been major contributors to ensuring timely execution of the works.

Keith Buckley

Executive Project Director

The Venetian Project, Macau

Hsin Chong Engineering (Macau) Limited

2 January 2007

We note and acknowledge your readiness and responsiveness in:

a. Expediting solutions to complex technical issues, in particular seeking reductions in material thickness requirement of your fireproofing material to facilitate further cost savings and speed of application;

b. Providing the necessary staff and material resources to optimise productivity, continuity of workflow, enhancing project progress and;

c. Backing up the quality of your product with a durability warranty of 50 years and a serviceability period of 100 years

We have enjoyed working with you and your crew on this project and we expect to work with you again on other projects in the future.

Albrecht Mueller

Technical Services Manager (Tunnels)

Cross City Tunnel Project, Sydney, Australia

BHBB Cross City Tunnel Joint Venture

30 May 2005

Noteworthy was LAF Group’s ability to:

a. Navigate through the scope of works and technical criteria to propose a workable solution, all in compliance with QLD TMR specifications

b. Act swiftly to respond with a product specifically developed and manufactured for the North South Bypass Tunnel Project

c. Mobilise labour, materials and specialist equipment to commence the on-site works at short notice

d. Integrate well with our site teams to perform the work in a safe, smart and efficient way and exceeding all expectations

LAF’s hands-on approach and professional input have been major contributors to the acceleration and success of our constuction program.

Trevor Hall

Project Director

North South Bypass Tunnel (CLEM7) Project, Brisbane, Australia

A Leighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger joint venture

5 July 2010

“ Your hands-on approach and professionalism in seeking workable solutions have contributed greatly in expediting a successful completion. Given your performance on this project, I can confidently recommend your organisation as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in your field.

Denis Averlan

Project Director

International Exhibition Centre at Hong Kong International Airport

Dragages Hong Kong Limited

1 February 2006

LAF’s ability to understand the key project requirements and ability to provide “a solution” not just a service or product was the key to being able to execute their works on site and deliver an outstanding result.

Mal Roberts

Project Manager

Teebar, Edmonton, Ingham, Goodna and Algester Substations, Queensland, Australia

Power & Water – Power Systems, United Group

7 November 2007