LAF Group works in close consultation with stakeholders to clearly understand  the project requirements. We take stock of all project requirements and in particular, site safety, space, speed, sustainability and cost, to arrive at the best solution. 

Once we are awarded the contract, we will organise, manage and co-ordinate the installation of our scope of works for on time completion, and with minimum disruption to other services and works in progress. We have over 50 years experience as contractors worldwide, and have access to a global network of quality contracting resources to meet tight deadlines.

Combining our direct involvement with contracting services, manufacturing and consultancy means your project can be entirely designed and engineered by the LAF Group in a one-stop process that saves time and money and remains focused on your project goals and objectives without compromise. On-site problems can be assessed immediately and resolved effectively. Our systems and products have the respect of our peers and have been proven in use over the past 50 years, guaranteeing you confidence, quality, and peace of mind.

LAF Group provide or work in partnership with an experienced and proven network of installation contractors to ensure timely and quality delivery of LAF’s passive fire protection systems for structural elements, air handling systems and separating elements as well as testing, maintenance and certification of passive fire systems.

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