LAF offer contracting arrangements for any fire proof installation on site, all in compliance with the project work schedule. In the process we solve materiality issues and can develop the right material and system for the job that fully satisfies the job parameters.

Our experienced contracting division can:

- Tender for Projects whilst offering LAF in-house products and systems;

- Deliver high Quality through LAF in-house Contracting Services and Supervision (One-stop shop);

- Provide on-site technical and application training for new and experienced applicators wanting to use LAF products;

- Provide technical assistance on equipments to improve productivity on large projects.

Our contracting team has delivered projects in across Australia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. 

We have worked on many types of structures: transport, retail, heritage, industrial, petrochemical, cultural and more. Our range of experience provides clients with detailed knowledge of compliance and construction issues and solutions – leading to smooth approval process (saving time), anticipating future risks and problems (saving money), and meeting the highest safety compliance standards possible (saving lives).

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