LAF has a solid and proven track record (continuously since 1960) of providing sound technical advice and fire protection solutions to building and construction projects in Australia, Asia and the Middle East that are world class, and highly cost effective. A cross section of these projects include commercial and office buildings, hospitals, industrial and institutional buildings, petrochemical installations, sports and entertainment venues, warehouses, and infrastructure with utility installations as well as above ground and subterranean tunnels.

We apply our core competencies of problem solving and customer responsiveness to our ongoing program of research and development. We have significant intellectual property around the fire protection of alloys, concrete or steel elements, advanced composites (CFRP’s), and  metal conductors that are commonly used in the built environment. Our fireproofing, energy conserving and noise abatement systems are unique, and can provide up to and inclusive of four (4) hours fire protection to steel structures, ventilation systems, concrete elements as well as Bus Bars.

CSIRO IRS’s facilities in North Ryde (Sydney, Australia) is where we carry out most of our fire testing. The CSIRO is a world recognised and accredited testing authority with their test outcomes universally accepted by the BCA as well as international regulatory authorities across Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, UAE, India and Qatar.  

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