LAF have been engineering fire protection systems for above ground and subterranean tunnels and other critically important buildings since 1960. Any type of tunnel requires special attention solely because emergency access and escape to /from these types of structures is always intricate. Tunnels may address our many increasing communications and commuting problems however they also bring about increased risk through higher traffic density and demands.

Although fires in tunnels are rare, when they occur they tend to burn for long periods reaching very high temperatures, inflicting incredible damage on steel, concrete walls and other elements of building construction often resulting in months of closure and costing millions of dollars in economic loss. 41 people died in the March 1999 fire in the Mt Blanc tunnel, which burned for more than 2 days. When the fire burned for 10 hours in the Channel tunnel in 1996, the concrete walls peeled away, layer by layer like an onion, destroying entire portions of the 20 inch thick concrete. Repairs took 6 months and the closure of the tunnel caused an estimated loss in excess of $270 million (or $1.5 million per day).

The LAF Group’s Passive Fire Protection represents the cutting edge of safety technology – contributing towards saving human lives and protecting property in the event of a catastrophe. Our strengths are crystallised from lessons learned since 1960 in diverse engineering environments, supplying and installing passive fire protection solutions that work. We know firsthand the very real challenges around materiality, supply logistics and contractual pressures on site that can mean success or failure of an important project. 

LAF have engineered unique separating elements of construction which can be either prefabricated or sprayed on site in their final position. The systems are installed by LAF staff, or by suitably trained local labour, inherently durable by design and maintenance free. Any damage can be repaired by hand or in the case of LAF’s VTV modular panels the entire panel can be replaced.

So whether it is a vehicular or rail tunnel LAF can help you provide long term protection of people and valuable infrastructure assets through engineered fire protection solutions that are:

Relevant - designed and fully tested to comply with stringent international standard and regulatory requirements;

Sustainable - state of the art systems that are the best in the field and engineered against obsolescence;

Quality Assured - high quality means longevity, reduced maintenance and unnecessary disruptions;