LAF was the first Australian manufacturer of passive fire protection products to be accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. Our fire protective systems are tested to comply with American, Australian, British (EN), ISO, UL, FM Global and RWS standard requirements for fire in commercial, infrastructure, industrial and petrochemical environments.

Our Manufacturing Division has over 50 years experience in the development and production of industrial materials and their derivatives. We are the leading suppliers of lightweight specialty mineral products to diverse industry sectors across Australia, South East Asia, India and the Middle East. Our plants are strategically located in Australia and EU to ensure consistent high quality and performance over time as well as fast delivery services to construction sites all over the world.

With a strong culture of innovation, we continually assess product performance and introduce improvements. Fire, thermal and acoustically corrective systems have been vetted and approved for use by the relevant authorities whether in Asia, SE Asia, India, Oceania or the Middle East.

Our fireproofing, energy conserving and noise abatement systems are unique, and can provide up to and inclusive of four (4) hours fire protection to steel structures, ventilation systems, concrete elements, advanced Polymers (PVC, CFRP) as well as Bus Bar conductors. 

Our products are also used in the agricultural sector for soil-less growing of seedlings, potting mixes and soil conditioning. We supply clients in the industrial sector, such as the Defence Force and ANSTO, with products for use in packaging and waste disposal. 

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