Innovation is the cornerstone of our existence. It is one of our recognised strengths and affirms our position as industry leaders worldwide. Innovation enables us to satisfy two objectives: firstly to develop and create environmentally, economically and socially acceptable products and services, and secondly to enable us to customize solutions to meet your needs. Before we put developments into field use, we ensure we first prove beyond doubt that they will achieve better results.



Research and development has been a key activity for us since the earliest days of our Group. We apply proven scientific principles to overcome design challenges and constantly explore options that can revolutionise current practice. Our dedication has led us to collaborate closely with recognised and approved research facilities, providing us with speedy and authoritative input into fire protection and noise abatement issues. This collaboration allows us to confidently explore alternatives and provides assurance that our materials and systems meet or exceed the requirements of regulatory authorities worldwide – meaning that necessary approvals can be secured quickly.

LAF Group has an ongoing partnership with the CSIRO , Branz, Underwriters Laboratories and other internationally acclaimed test facilities for product testing and development purposes.

LAF’s strategic goals are directed at researching more sophisticated materials as well as systems to broaden the spectrum of products and technical solutions. LAF has identified that it must be able to offer a full package of fire proofing solutions to various industries.