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UL is one of the largest third party independent laboratories working in the field of fire safety testing, certification and research. UL works with regulatory authorities, insurers, retailers and manufacturers such as the LAF Group by applying modern test methodologies to better protect building occupants and the built environment. In specific sectors the UL offers the highest level of regulatory acceptance in the industry, market recognition, expertise and service to help companies get safer products to market swiftly.

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FM Global is a global commercial and industrial property insurance company which provides underwriting and risk management solutions. FM Approvals certification assures customers that LAF products have been objectively tested, and conform to the relevant international standard requirements. LAF systems are specifically accredited for fire performance through the FM Approvals Specification-Testing Program. These products are listed separately for specific end-use applications within the Approval Guide. 

LAF manufacturing facilities and quality-control procedures undergo yearly FM Global audit inspections on all specification-tested products. Through the FM Global service, our customers worldwide are assured of the quality consistency of our products and systems. 

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FM Global – Type Tested: Ceiling



Vermitex® TH and Vermitex® AF spray applied cementitious coating systems have been rigorously examined and assessed by UL for conformance with the requirements of FM Approvals as a Specification Tested Product, and Underwriters Laboratories test methodologies equal to:

American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E119-05(a), "Standard Test Methods of Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials";

American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-1529-06, "Standard Test Methods for determining effects of large hydrocarbon pool fires on structural members and assemblies”;

ANSI/UL 1709-2005 - Standard for Rapid Rise Fire Tests of protection materials on structural members and assemblies”;

The items examined were then spray applied to various substrates and as different elements of building construction. No formal FM Approvals Standard exists for this category. The program was conducted in order to qualify the assemblies as Specification Tested Products. 

The Vermitex® TH product was tested in conjunction with Trimesh® R100 Wall Panels as a fire rated wall as well as ceiling assembly. Each test was conducted for a period of four (4) hours.

The Vermitex® AF product was tested as a coating applied to various beam assemblies. The test was conducted for a period of three (3) hours.

As a manufacturer of a product listed by FM Approvals, the LAF Group manufacturing location was subjected to an initial FM Approvals Facilities and Procedures Audit inspection. 

As a manufacturer of a product listed by UL, the LAF Group manufacturing facilities are also subjected to UL follow up inspections and procedures audit inspections.

The purpose of the UL and FM Global inspections is to satisfy both agencies that LAF has sufficient and robust quality control measures in place to assure the continued production of material, that is equivalent in all respects, to what was originally tested and listed.