Fan enclosures should be addressed with meticulous detailing. AS 1668 requires for the ‘full system’, not just the sheet metal ductwork, to be fire isolated. This means that the fan, as well as the motor must be fire isolated. LAF systems have been fully approved by the CSIRO to provide Fan enclosures with up to 240/240/240 FRL.

Caution should be exercised if services (actuators, motor drives, smoke detectors, etc) are to be attached to fire rated ductwork. Unless these services were included in the tested prototype, special enclosures are required to independently isolate the service. These details should be carefully planned as Authorities may consider the projecting parts of these services as penetrations, and therefore consider the ductwork’s integrity and insulation compromised.

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Electrical systems under the BCA must be fully maintained. Un-metered mains supply cables will enter a property and travel throughout the building in common areas for some distance before entering a fire isolated /dedicated electrical mains or meter room. In order to guarantee the supply to emergency /essential services, electrical mains cable must be enclosed in fire rated enclosures.

LAF tailored solutions include

1. Prefabricated pipe /duct system;

2. Retrofitted or sprayed in-situ system;

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