Vermitex® 7FS

Lightweight Floor/Roof Screed

Product Description

Vermitex® 7 FS is a mixture of vermiculite and cement with additives to improve its rheological properties. It can be applied over a variety of substitutes, typically concrete to reduce loss of heat through floors and prevent impact sound transmission. Its lightweight properties are of particular importance when used over suspended floors or for infill to accommodate drainage fall levels. It may be used to advantage where roof non-combustibility is important. 

Effective Fireproofing

Vermitex® 7 FS is commonly used as a floor/roof screed however it also possesses excellent fire protection and  acoustic properties. The floor screed mix is able to reduce the impact sound level on typical floors up to an average of 17 dB. It is suitable for concrete flat slabs, low pitched roofs and shell roofs, and those constructed with hollow tile or pre-cast elements. Vermitex® 7FS is of particular value in the renovation of old roofs. Vermitex® 7FS improves the thermal and acoustic efficiency and also reduces the weight of the final structure.

Technical Information

Vermitex® 7FS is manufactured under factory controlled conditions to ISO 9001-2008; ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 Quality Standards. It is delivered to site in ‘batch’ form, ready to be mixed to the required consistency before application. When using Vermitex® 7 FS in exposed locations, always employ a water repellent protective film over the final coating of Vermitex® 7 FS as well as making use of water shedding details on its own surface finishes. Vermitex® 7 FS may be mechanically reinforced by the use of mesh in external applications and internally where mechanical vibration can affect it's adherence to the substrate.

Depending on the type of mix employed on the job a top coating may need to be employed to protect the Vermitex® 7FS surface in trafficable areas.

Health and Safety

Vermitex® 7 FS contains no asbestos and presents no known health hazard before, during or after its application. The normal precautions relevant to the handling of cement based products apply.

Environmental Sustainability

Vermitex® 7FS has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and its container can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.

Lightweight Screed with good point load capacity


Quality Assurance (ISO 9001-2015)
Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001-2007)
Environment (ISO14001-2015)
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