Vermitex Acustico®

Soundproofing Coating

Product Description

Vermitex Acustico® is a non-combustible cementitious compound, principally gypsum-vermiculite or cement-vermiculite, formulated to reduce reflection of sound waves in buildings. This light coating achieves the desired sound protection without sacrificing aesthetics. 

Effective Fireproofing

Vermitex Acustico® is a lightweight coating designed for mechanical spray application direct to steel, concrete and other substrates, and in most cases of acoustical applications without the aid of mechanical reinforcement.

Technical Information

Vermitex Acustico® is manufactured under factory controlled conditions to ISO 9001-2008; ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 Quality Standards. It is delivered to site in ‘batch’ form, ready to be mixed to the required consistency before application. It has been tested in accordance with British Standards, American Standard Testing Methods as well as Australian Standards to comply with the requirements of national building codes of most countries. Vermitex Acustico® is tested to AS1045, ASTM C423-02, BS EN20354:1993.

Health and Safety

Vermitex Acustico® does not present any known health or safety hazard, during its application nor throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Environmental Sustainability

Vermitex Acustico® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and its container can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.

Soundproofing with style


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Environment (ISO14001-2015)
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