Vermitex® AF

Passive Fireproofing - Internal Application

Product Description

Vermitex® AF is a gypsum-vermiculite blend plus trace chemical additives which has been formulated to provide passive fire protection to interior elements of building construction on a variety of backgrounds, including steel, concrete, polymer-based materials, timber and advanced composite to the cellulosic fire regime. It does not contain asbestos or other forms.

Effective Fireproofing

Vermitex® AF is a lightweight and non-combustible Cementitious compound specially formulated to provide passive fire protection to elements of building construction. It is a lightweight coating designed for spray application direct to a number of substrates.

Vermitex® AF is manufactured from inorganic mineral materials, it does not contain organic fibres and therefore, the Vermitex® blend will not be affected by building humidity levels found in commercial and infrastructure buildings. The Vermitex® AF system is used to upgrade, up to 240/-/- FRL, beams, columns, angles, hollow sections and wide plates.

Technical Information

Vermitex® AF is manufactured to ISO 9001-2008/ ISO 14001/ OSHAS 18001 Standards. It has been tested to the relevant British, American and Australian Standards at the CSIRO’s research facilities in North Ryde.

Vermitex® AF combines superior fire resistance properties with excellent Thermal Insulation as well as Noise abatement properties.

Health and Safety

As a blend of gypsum and vermiculite, Vermitex® AF is formulated from naturally occurring materials. It contains no known health hazards before, during or after application. Normal precautions for gypsum products apply.

Environmental Sustainability

Vermitex® AF has no long-term environmental impact on air, water or land. Both the product and the bag can be recycled or disposed of as landfill. When used as standalone or combined with Trimesh to provide Acoustic and Fire protective engineering solutions, Vermitex® AF may positively influence any ‘Green’ rating system (i.e. LEEDs) from 36 percent to  51 percent.

Vermitex® AF is the thinnest mineral based cementitious fire coating available on the market.


Quality Assurance (ISO 9001-2015)
Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001-2007)
Environment (ISO14001-2015)
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Vermitex® AF may be combined with any of LAF’s proprietary products and accessories to form a versatile, resilient and durable fireproofing ‘System’. A bond coat of Vermitex® 7 combined with Vermibond® sprayed to concrete or steel will significantly improve adhesion and in-place performance against fire. Effective compartmentalisation against fire and enhanced  protection against the passage of heat and noise can be achieved by spraying the Vermitex® AF to our Trimesh® or Quikmesh®, to form vertical and horizontal fireproof construction Additional protection against moisture is achieved by applying approved surface coatings such as Vapotex®, Ferma-Rain® and Exidroil®, over the Vermitex® AF. Our horizontal and vertical fireproofing systems are well regarded industry wide. They have been tested and used since 1960 in countless engineering configurations for building and civil construction. They remain popular due to their small footprint (taking up minimal space) and cost. 

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