Vermitex® 7

Bond Coat & Hard Topcoat

Product Description

Vermitex® 7 is a vermiculite cement blend with trace chemical additives, formulated for use with Vermitex® AF, Vermitex® DX, Vermitex® TH and other LAF proprietary Cementitious coatings, as a primer coat and/or a hard finishing compound. It can also be used as a horizontal membrane application.

Effective Fireproofing

Whenever applying Vermitex® type materials to primed or unprimed structural steel, concrete or similarly smooth backgrounds without the aid of mechanical reinforcement, a ‘bond coat’ equal to Vermitex® 7 must be applied.

Technical Information

Vermitex® 7 is manufactured under factory controlled conditions to ISO 9001-2008; ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 Quality Standards. It is delivered to site in ‘batch’ form, ready to be mixed to the required consistency before application. As a primer coat, Vermitex® 7 is spray applied to cover 50% to 75% of the substrate prior to the application of the Vermitex® coating. The function of the primer coat is to provide a tough, textured and strongly adherent mechanical key to aid in the adhesion of subsequent coats of Vermitex®.

In trafficable areas a hard finishing compound of Vermitex® 7 may be spray applied directly over the completed scratch coating of Vermitex®. In this application, Vermitex® 7 is utilized solely for the purpose of providing hardwearing protection to the Vermitex®.

Health and Safety

Vermitex® 7contains no asbestos and presents no known health hazard before, during or after application. Normal precautions relevant to the handling of cement products apply.

Environmental Sustainability

Vermitex® 7 has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and its container can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.

Bond enhancing coating for steel and other substrates