Trimesh® and Trimesh® Plus

Multi-purpose lightweight wire frame

Product Description

Trimesh® is made from high-tensile steel wire with the option of a lightweight polymer core. It can be used in curtain or partition walls and as a core in precast elements. Trimesh® Plus is a stronger panel and can be used for the construction of load-bearing elements of construction. Spraying Trimesh® or Trimesh® Plus with LAF fireproofing or soundproofing products gives outstanding fire resistance and/or sound reduction.

Effective Fireproofing

The Trimesh® structure is a composite panel that combines the strength of steel, the energy saving properties of a thermally efficient core (when included) and the fire endurance capabilities of our monolithic spray applied mortars. The panel is basically conceived to be used as a total construction system, but it also can be included in other construction systems such as curtain walls, partition walls or as a core in precast elements.

Technical Information

Compliant with most building regulation provisions, Trimesh® saves both time and costs. Trimesh® panels are erected onsite and can be easily transported and re-dimensioned. A standard Trimesh® panel consists of two layers of mesh wire of a nominal 2mm in diameter; with a square pattern of approximately 5cm. Trimesh® can be supplied as a plain wire-frame panel, with a polymer core of the desired thickness, or with aluminium foil for thermal insulation and a vapour barrier.

Health and Safety

Trimesh® can be spray coated with any of the LAF Group range of materials which, as blends of either gypsum and vermiculite or cement and vermiculite, contain no asbestos and present no known health hazard before, during or after application.

Environmental Sustainability

Trimesh® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land, and being made of steel, it can be recycled. 

Strong and flexible, saves space, time and costs


Quality Assurance (ISO 9001-2015)
Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001-2007)
Environment (ISO14001-2015)
Performance Characteristics - Limited Access
Detailed Specifications - Limited Access
Value Engineering (Part A) - Limited Access
Value Engineering (Part B) - Limited Access
Installation Procedures - Limited Access
Presentation - Limited Access


LAF were the first to recognize how a simple three dimensional space-frame could benefit our industry. The Trimesh® system is today the most tested system and it is at the forefront of LAF’s engineering and design offerings for thermal, acoustic and fire applications. Trimesh® can be used to construct vertical or horizontal membranes, ducts, shafts and curtain walls, and is pre-fabricated on or off site as required. The applications are limitless. 

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