Reinforcing Mesh

Product Description

Quikmesh® is a galvanized welded wire mesh engineered exclusively for the LAF Group which has been tested in conjunction with LAF’s fire protective coatings of Vermitex® and Vermiduct® to form part of a complete tested assembly.


Article Number

Meshes per metre (# off)

Mesh Opening per 25 mm (# off)

Mesh opening (mm)

Min. wire diameter (mm)

Zinc coating (mm)

Weight (kg/m²)

Weight (Kg/Roll)

25x25x1.1mm 40 1 25.4 0.95~1.05 0.05~0.075 0.5972 21.5


Effective Fireproofing

Once properly attached, the mesh allows for the coating to remain securely adhered to the elements of construction even when subjected to severe expansion or deflection movement as can occur on structural steel beams, columns and smoke/kitchen extract duct-work. Quikmesh® is optimised in size to allow the passage of material during spraying thus avoiding the creation of air pockets/voids that can result in hotspots and lead to integrity/insulation failures during fires.

Technical Information

Quikmesh® is manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001 Standards and the welded wire mesh guidelines of BS 4482 and BS 4483. This exclusive welded fabric is manufactured through a special process where a series of moderately thermally annealed carbon steel wires are arranged at right angles to each other and electrically welded at all intersections and then galvanized to virtually eliminate corrosion. 

Health and Safety

Quikmesh® presents no known health hazard before, during or after application.

Environmental Sustainability

Quikmesh® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and the container can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.