Igniseal® Access Panel

Fire Rated Access Panels

Product Description

The rugged Igniseal® removable tray is manufactured from two layers of 0.55mm corrosion resistant zinc coated (Z275) sheet metal, which encloses a lightweight fire rated inner core injected by mechanical assisted spray onsite during installation. The outer perimeter frame is also fabricated using 1.0mm corrosion resistant zinc coated (Z275) sheet metal.

Depending on the size of the access panel, four or more locking sash-latches are located strategically on the panel assembly ensuring the tray is held firmly in place into the frame. The location of the sash-latches is engineered to ensure that the tray remains rigid (reducing warping) and at the same time the outer frame is not affected by torsion forces transferred from the sheet metal duct, which may cause an integrity failure through a widening of the tray/frame gap.

Effective Fireproofing

When correctly filled and installed into the appropriate elements and in accordance with the manufacturers written instructions, the LAF Igniseal® Panel will achieve up to 240/240/240 Fire Resistance Level. Most importantly a FRL of 240/240/240 including the insulation criteria is mandatory for all permanently fixed access panels, whilst for hinged doors and hinged access panels the insulation criteria may be reduced. This peculiar code requirement stems from the probability that combustible materials are likely to be stored in close proximity to a fixed access panel, whilst the same may not be the case for a hinged panel which might otherwise be used regularly and less likely to end up behind combustibles.

Technical Information

Igniseal® is manufactured to ISO 9001-2008/ ISO 14001/ OSHAS 18001 Standards. 

Health and Safety

Igniseal® Access Panels present no known health hazard before, during or after application. Normal personal protective equipment such as eyewear and gloves should be worn during installation.

Environmental Sustainability

Igniseal® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and the bag can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.