Evaporation Retardant

Product Description

Vermicure® retards water evaporation during the final trowelling. It keeps the Vermitex® TH or DX surface workable for longer periods in order for the plasterer to achieve the required finish. Vermicure® is effective in combating rapid drying conditions in exterior environments where high temperatures, low humidity and high winds are dominant.

Effective Fireproofing

Vermicure® reduces surface moisture evaporation by about 80% in wind and 40% in sunlight, with no effect on the cement hydration process. The quality of the Vermitex® improves as a result of control over excessive evaporation. It can reduce or eliminate plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting.

Technical Information

Vermicure® is manufactured to ISO 9001-2008/ ISO 14001/ OSHAS 18001 Standards. 

Health and Safety

Vermicure® contains very low VOC’s and presents no known health hazard before, during or after application.

Environmental Sustainability

Vermicure® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and the bag can be recycled or disposed of as landfill.