Lightweight exocortex fire tiles

Product Description

Igniduct® is a 20mm thick 300 x 300mm square tile formed from 0.3mm aluminium foil. The four 20mm sides are coated with Ignitex® (one coat) and the tray is then filled with a lightweight blend of our proven Vermiduct®. The perimeter edge is then painted with Ignitex® intumescent coating, and the whole assembly allowed to cure and dry thoroughly.

The tile has been created to provide an alternative to spray applied coatings where a thin exterior (‘exo’) jacket (‘cortex’) might be applied to pre-fabricated vertical and horizontal ducts to be used as shafts. The tile provides a thermal, smoke and fire barrier for sheet metal ductwork applications.

- Cast in tiles 300 x 300mm, with a density of 200 kg/m³ the tiles achieve a compressive strength of 0.1 MPa and can compress to 35% of their volume without spalling or deteriorating.

- It remains stable under extreme fire conditions, adhering to sheet metal duct for up to 4 hours.  Igniduct® does not emit any toxic vapours and or gases.

- Easy to install manually, the tiles are sufficiently resilient and can be sawn or cut with a utility knife, or woodworking power tools.

Effective Fireproofing

Igniduct® is an innovative incombustible tile and is made from specially formulated lightweight and non-combustible Vermiduct® compound. It has been engineered to provide a good and stable smoke and fire containment barrier when applied to sheet metal air handling ductwork. But very importantly it also offers flexibility through application by hand without the needs of special equipment.

Igniduct® is manufactured from inorganic mineral materials and is not affected by humidity levels found in riser or plant room ventilation shafts or passageways. The system has been tested for up to 4 hours to the ISO 834 fire curve and has successfully achieved a FRL of -/180/90 to vertical riser air handling ductwork and approvals have been granted for applications up to 2 hours FRL.

The Igniduct® tile is light, smooth and resilient to the point where its excellent impact resistance permits compliance with the requirements of the building code in terms of ‘historical acceptability’ and being ‘fit for purpose’. Its aluminium envelope acts as an effective vapour barrier, waterproofing the inner core against accidental roof leaks, fire brigade hydrants, hose reels or even accidental sprinkler head discharges.

The Igniduct® tile system is impermeable to air, smoke, and hot products of combustion. Like its sister product Vermiduct®, installation of Igniduct® in air handling duct and plenum systems will guarantee air tightness, in service and in a fire emergency. 

Technical Information

Igniduct® is manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 14001 / OSHAS 18001 Standards. It has been tested to many International Standards at CSIRO’s research facilities in North Ryde.

Health and Safety

As a specially blended mix of gypsum and vermiculite, Igniduct® contains no asbestos and presents no known health hazard before, during or after application. Normal precautions for gypsum and cement products apply.

Environmental Sustainability

Igniduct® has no long-term environmental effects on air, water or land. Both the product and bag may be recycled or disposed of as landfill. When used as standalone or with Trimesh® to provide fire and smoke containment engineering solutions, Igniduct® may positively influence any ‘Green’ rating system (i.e. LEEDs) from 36% to 51%.

Innovative technology which offers speed of installation benefits, with none of the drawbacks of other systems


Igniduct® may be combined with Quikmesh® or Trimesh® or can be used in conjunction with our spray applied coatings to offer a choice of the most suitable and effective system for your fireproofing needs. Simply put, nothing enhances a building’s fire and smoke compartmentalisation or containment system like LAF’s MEP tested and approved systems like Vermiduct® and Igniduct® when combined with our Trimesh® or Quikmesh®. Our horizontal and vertical fire barrier systems are well proven and acknowledged throughout the industry. Our products are thoroughly tested to comply with the prevailing regulatory standard requirements and have been in use since the 1960's.

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