Growing media - Soilless Growing - Lightweight Mineral - Absorbency Product - Thermal Insulation

Product Description

Vermiculite is a mineral similar to mica. During Exfoliation, Vermiculite is subjected to intense heat and expands up to twenty or more times its original size. As Exfoliation occurs, millions of microscopic gaps are created within the plates which give Vermiculite excellent insulation and water retention properties. Vermiculite is lightweight, air entraining and highly absorbent. It is inert and does not harm the environment. It is chemically neutral and sterile immediately after exfoliation. 

Product Data

Exfoliated Vermiculite is a lightweight accordion shaped granule which presents itself as a coloured wormlike particle ranging in colour from a light beige colour to dark brown.

Chemical Data

SiO2 38-40% H2O 8-10%
MgO 24.5-27% K2O 4-6%
Al2O3 8-9.5% Fe2O3 5-6%


Product Names and Grades

UNO-LIT Grade 1: Superfine
DUE-LIT Grade 2: Fine
VERMIGRO Grade 3: Medium
QATRO-LIT Grade 4: Large



Vermiculite is packed in 100 litre Polypropylene bags, with 24 bags per pallet. It is also available in Bulk Bag supply as well as 50 litre bags for the domestic user.


Vermiculite bags must be kept dry until ready for use. The bags should be stored undercover, off the ground away from wet /damp surfaces or in areas where a high humidity is present. During storage or transportation, compaction of the product will occur.

Typical Use of Product

The valuable absorptive properties of exfoliated Vermiculite enable it to be used in a wide variety of applications across many industries. Some examples of these applications are:

  • For Agricultural use: potting mixes, seed germination, animal feed, propagation, soil conditioner, hydroponics, fertilizers
  • For Building use: fireproofing, acoustic as well as anti-condensation coatings, anti-allergenic thermal loft and cavity insulation, absorptive and anti-spalling coatings, floor screeds. 
  • For Industrial use: castables, brake pads, furnaces, filtration, high temperature insulation, waste disposal, absorbent and packaging of dangerous goods.

Hydroponic growing media, Maintains higher humidity