Can we suspend our M&E services from a fire rated ceiling or wall?

If services are required to be attached/suspended from Fire separating elements, then added structural supports may be necessary, to independently carry the additional load. This detail should be carefully planned as Authorities may consider parts of these structural supports (bracket, cleats, screws, bolts etc.) as breaches of the system and reject the integrity of the separating element. 


Do we need to worry about ‘Slenderness Ratio’ with lightweight constructions?

The slenderness ratio for Vertical elements of Construction (walls) is an important factor which also affects lightweight partitions, and can have consequences for the stability of the wall during a Fire. Another factor, which can give rise to poor Fire performance (if not properly addressed) is the Restraining of the wall into the building framework. 


So how do we overcome the ‘Slenderness Ratio’ problem with lightweight construction?

LAF system’s are an ideal solution for very high partitions, where structural members can be installed at the necessary centres to break-up the overall wall height. In many instances the system has been employed in providing separation for Fire Lift shafts where the available space to install such Fire barriers is often scarce.