We have an existing Bondek slab, what thickness of Vermitex do I require to achieve a 2 Hr FRL?

As with all Elements, in particular their behavior in Fire, it is imperative that the overall concrete cover thickness above the Decking be the same as the concrete thickness of the tested prototype. Special precautions must be taken to ensure that such a deficiency, should it exist, is catered for. Please refer to LAF for further details. 


Slab thickness is OK, and equal to the thickness of the Tested prototype. Is there anything else I need to check?

With the older types of Decking systems e.g. Celdek, Bondek, care is to be taken to ascertain if the floor system has an in-built ducted system (Header Ducts). This is of principal importance as when reinstating a Spray applied FRL, these ‘Header Ducts’, more often than not, will require special attention.


How soon should the spraying of the cellular decking take place?

It is suggested that with the much older styles of Decking all heavy construction work (core drilling, jack-hammering, installation of ceiling suspension systems, etc) likely to generate severe vibrations, should be carried out before the spraying of the Decking occurs. 


The decking is new and rust free, surely we don’t need to worry about anything else?

The surface of the Metal Decking (new or old) should be clean and unpainted. New decking may be contaminated with rolling compounds such as protective mill oils, grease, etc, and these oils could impede the proper adhesion of the Vermitex 'AF' to the substrate. Please refer to LAF for further details.